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9Mar 2018

Celebrating 20 Years of Business

Dear friends and partners,  2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the company's founding.

10Aug 2017

Dryer in Kovin

 Construction of a new dryer in Kovin, type STRAHL 8000, capacity 32t/h from 28% to 14% of moisture, and it can be used for drying corn, wheat and sunflower

30Aug 2016

Silo in Kovin

Expanded storage capacity by 20.000 tons by acquistion of a silo in Kovin. The silo is a metal structure with a capacity of 1000 ton each, two loading baskets with a loading capacity of 60 an 100 tons, and a cooling device.

30Jun 2016

Dryer in Srbobran

 Construction of a dryer in Srbobran, type STRAHL 5000, capacity 20 t/ha from 28% to 14% of moisture, and it can be used for drying corn, wheat and soy.

16May 2014

Reception cancellation at the time of the 81st International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad

Dear friends, In the light of the tragic events happening in Serbia we will be cancelling the formal reception in the "Skala" restaurant at the time of the 81st International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad. Financial means intended for...

10May 2014

Notice on the change of the managing director in "Uljarice-Bačka" company

"Uljarice-Bačka" LLC Novi Sad hereby informs all the good hosts, business partners and official institutions on the change of its managing director. Stevan Višekruna was promoted to the position of the managing director of...

3Jun 2013

15 years of successful business

"Uljarice-Bačka" company celebrates its fifteenth anniversary of business this year. In 18 years of successful business we have achieved: Notable results in domestic and international market The creation of a network of...

20May 2013

SAP in "Uljarice-Bačka" company

"Uljarice-Bačka" company has been, since February 2013, using SAP ERP, the leading business information system in the world. The implementation of the said software solution lasted for 12 months and was done with the help of...

22Apr 2013

"Uljarice-Bačka" receives a reward from Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce

Director and owner of "Uljarice-Bačka", Mr. Đorđe Lazić, was presented with the reward from Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce at a ceremony held on April 18, 2013. The reward was given for the 50th time to the companies and individuals for...

26Nov 2012

Expanded warehouse capacities in Sonta

On Friday, November 23, 2012, new warehouse capacities of "Uljarice-Bačka" Ltd. Novi Sad have been set in operation - two metal silo towers with the total capacity of 5,250t of grain goods. The said towers, the installation of which...

13Jul 2012

Works start on storage capacity extension in Sonta

July 12th, 2012 officially marks the start of works on storage capacity extension in Sonta. After the installation of two metal "jumbo" towers, with total capacity of 5,250t of grain goods, "Uljarice-Bačka" property in Sonta...

28May 2012

New warehouse location in Srem

After the purchase of the collective farm in Kraljevci, "Uljarice-Bačka" strengthens its strategic position in Srem. The metal silo in Ruma, with 4,900 t capacity, operates within "Uljarice-Bačka" company since May 2012. Check...

20Feb 2012

GAFTA richer for one more member from Serbia

Novi Sad based "Uljarice-Bačka" became a Trading Principal Member of the internationally recognized association of cereal traders, The Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA). GAFTA is an international trade organization with more than...

10Jan 2012

"Uljarice-Bačka" company is the new owner of a collective farm in Srem

In accordance with the defined strategic plans, "Uljarice-Bačka" company continues the process of land extension. After buying the collective farm "Jedinstvo" Kraljevci, together with their existing property,...

29Jul 2011

Finished warehouse construction in Aradac

In Aradac, only 6km from Zrenjanin, the construction of a warehouse with 5,500 tons of grain goods capacity has been finished. The project was started in accordance with the strategic plan of available warehouse network expansion all around...