“INR - Uljarice“ LLC Beograd founded a limited liability company “Uljarice-Bačka” with the seat in Novi Sad. The company is registered for agricultural production, cooperation and turnover, with two employees.


Based on the change of the founder and the ownership structure, the company becomes property of four ambitious individuals with a significant entrepreneurial spirit.

Business year ends with 1,238,000 RSD of net profit.


Starting the personnel reinforcement – “Uljarice-Bačka” employs 13 people, and the business year ends with 294,228,000 RSD of operating income and net profit of 2,604,000 RSD.


With 15 employees, operating income is 699,355,000 RSD and net profit is 7,941,000 RSD.


Uljarice-Bačka” move to new office space in Novi Sad.

With 20 employees, company makes 1,739,083,000 RSD of operating income. Net profit is 69,854,000 RSD.


Company fully becomes property of Lazić family.

Concrete silo is purchased in Srbobran using joint capital with a strategic partner.

“Uljarice-Bačka” purchases warehouse space in Srbobran.

With 23 employees, company makes 1,883,021,000 RSD of income. Net profit is 63,280,000 RSD.


With 28 employees, operating income is 2,635,910,000 RSD and net profit is 122,189,000 RSD.


Directing the business strategy towards the increase in international trade, with the focus on mercantile corn and wheat export.

Purchase of warehouse space in Žabalj.

Lease of the metal silo in Srbobran.

Lease of warehouse space in Sonta.

With 39 employees, company makes 3,794,590,000 RSD of operating income, and 111,371,000 RSD of net profit.

Construction of storage space for 5,500 tons of grain goods in Aradac.

Collective farm "Jedinstvo" is purchased in Kraljevci, together with 133 ha of high-quality arable land.

With 55 employees, company makes 5,594,211,000 RSD of operating income and 75,555,000 RSD of net profit.


"Uljarice-Bačka" is a Trading Principal Member of GAFTA, The Grain and Feed Trade Association.

Lease of metal silo in Ruma.

Expanded warehouse capacities in Sonta.

With 70 employees, company makes 4,633,068,000 RSD of operating income and 140,858,000 RSD of net profit.


"Uljarice-Bačka" receives a reward from Vojvodina Camber of Commerce.

SAP in "Uljarice-Bačka" company.

15 years of successful business.

With 100 employees, company makes 4.289.786.000 RSD of operating income and 21.205.000 RSD of net profit.


Expanded warehouse capacities in Ruma.

Stevan Višekruna was promoted to the position of the managing director.


                The company operates with 102 employees.

2015.       Total revenue 4.607.631.000 rsd.

                 Buy of land in Ruma 112 ha.


                Expanded storage capacity by 20.000 tons by acqusition of a silo in Kovin.

                Construction of a dryer in Srbobran, type STRAHL FR 5000.

2016.       Sale of land in Bogojevo 47 ha.

                Sale of business space in Kraljevci.

                Total revenue 4.579.640.000 rsd.


                Sale of land in Mužlja 223 ha

 2017.     Construction of a dryer in kovin, type STRAHL 8000.

                Total revenue 4.499.936.000 rsd.